Mathieu Derval

Hello, my name's Mathieu. I'm a Javascript Developer.

What I do

I enjoy creating delightful,
human-centered digital experiences.

web development

Web developer and UI/UX javascript specialist. I like to code things from scratch, build web components, UI/UX animations and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser thanks to the following tools

Web integration

I help designers, small agencies and businesses convert their aspirations and objectives into reality. I value simple content structure, clean design and thoughtful interactions.

Product Management

Unique mix of technical and product management skills with meaningful experience in strategy, business intelligence and marketing. I can work with you in any of the following languages: French, English and Spanish.


Have a look at some of my projects

Kontigo Events

Project in collaboration with Marin Chirade, founder of Kontigo Events.

  • React

  • GSAP

  • Styled-components

  • Vercel

VercelReact 18GSAP

L'Atelier des délices

e-Commerce website for client Atelier des délices. Built with NextJS and Crystallize

  • NextJS

  • Crystallize

  • GraphQL

  • Styled-components

  • Vercel


Quatre Oeufs

Project for Violette Catreux, creator of Quatre Oeufs. Built with NextJS

  • NextJS

  • Contentful

  • GraphQL

  • Styled-components

  • Vercel


Bulle d'Émoi

Website for client Bulle d'Émoi. Built with NextJS

  • NextJS

  • Styled components

  • SendGrid


Bien ou Bien

Contributor to project Bien ou Bien edited by Ulule.

  • NextJS

  • Styled components

  • Storybook


Demaytal Conception

Single page application for client Demaytal Conception. Built with Gatsbty.

  • Gatsby

  • Styled Components

  • FormSpree (useForm Hooks)

  • Netlify with continuous deployment from Git repository


Personal portfolio

This is my personal portfolio built with GatsbyJS. It is plugged to the headless CMS Contentful where the content is stored.

  • React Hooks (useState, useEffect, UseContext, useCallback...)

  • Headless CMS

  • Rich text

  • Netlify with continuous deployment from my Git repository

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